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Plumb Craft Waxman 8688600C Chrome Bulk Showerhead

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    In light of California's drought, my gorgeous girl and I went shopping for a new low flow water saving shower head that would provide an excellent showering experience. We bought a bunch of heads and began to compare them. We enlisted the help of our GoPro's to keep track of each showerhead and naturally the shower head review show "Shower Shower Shower" was born.

    In the eighth episode we review the Waxman 7650100H 1-Spray 2 in. White Showerhead.

    In the Water Wise segment we learn that it takes 2 gallons of water to make an ounce of beer.

    The show was shot with 2 GoPro Hero 3 camera's.


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    Waxman Consumer Group's research found that more than 85 percent of the people who purchase shower heads are female. Once they had that information, the next step was easy. Waxman introduced shower heads in its PlumbCraft line in royal blue, powder blue, forest green and burgundy.

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