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  • The hardest part was learning and remembering which knob did what (once you've used it a few times, you'll remember). If you're facing the showerhead, the knob on the right changes the spray pattern of the standard spray. There are six different settings that can be achieved with that knob -- a concentrated high-pressure spray (my favorite), a wide-angle spray that covers from shoulder to shoulder, two different pulsating massages (one somewhat more powerful than the other), an aerated bubbly spray, and a standard shower spray. These are similar to other Waterpik massaging showerheads. What's nice is that it's so easy to switch from one spray to another, so we're finally taking advantage of all of these different settings!

    In my family, we love a powerful high-pressure shower spray, but have never been lucky enough to live anywhere with more than average water pressure. Years ago, we discovered that having a massaging shower head could provide the powerful spray we enjoyed. Over the past 20 years, we've had a few different models, but our favorite is the one that we have now -- the Waterpik Misting Massage Shower Head.

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