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Vitamin Shower is an Australian based company specialising in Vitamin C shower head filters that remove 99.9% of the chlorine from your town water supply.

Vitamin C Shower Filter refill cartridge 5 pack for shower head Consumer Friendly Sonaki removing Chlorine And Chloramines (1 set for 5)

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  • The Vitamin-C Vitashower Showerhead Filter provides a natural and healthy water filtering process AND an additional source of Vitamin-C; an essential nutrient for a healthy body.

    Each VITASHOWERS filter contains 230 grams of Vitamin-C.

    VITASHOWERS is capable of working continuously up to 100 hours, regardless of the flow rate or quality of your water, and performs effectively in cold, warm and hot water.

    As a general rule, each VITASHOWER Showerhead Filter will last at least in a two-personhousehold.

    The flow rate of the shower head is roughly the same before and after theVITASHOWERS shower filter is installed. The VITASHOWERS filter workswith all standard size pipes and shower heads.

    The performance of VITASHOWERS shower filters was evaluated by WesternAnalytical Laboratories, Inc. (WAL). WAL has been fully certified by the State of California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program. WAL’sanalytical methods meet or exceed U.S. E.P.A. standards for environmental testing.

  • By showering in a chlorine free shower, thanks to the amazing Vitamin C shower head filter, you significantly reduce the incidence of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation.

    However, like every other best shower product Vita fresh shower head filter has its own issues that needs to be acknowledged before making a purchase. Following is a comprehensive listing of all the major features and issues offered by Vita Fresh Shower Filter:

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