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  • The Sprite Royale Filtered Showerhead offers 5 spray settings and an internal filtering system that's designed to reduce chlorine, dirt and odors from the water. This showerhead features soft-touch spray pads, an anti-scaling spray nozzle and a contemporary design to help complement your shower environment.

    This easy-to-install Sprite Royale Filtered Shower Head will provide fresh and clean water to improve your hair, skin, and nails. The Sprite AR5-CT includes a 5-setting, filtered shower handle with a high-strength bracket, reinforced hose and a Sprite SLC Slim-Line Shower Filter Cartridge.

  • The Sprite AR5-CT is a white and chrome Royale Filtered Shower Head which utilizes a reversible cartridge with Chlorgon, patented technology that will remove pesticides, herbicides, odors, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, VOC's, Iron Oxide and heavy metals, as well as control scale build-up. The Sprite AR5-CT features a 5-way adjustable shower head that ranges from an invigorating spray to a full massage to leave you feeling completely refreshed. The Sprite Royale Filtered Shower Head also has a built-in swivel attachment on a high strength bracket so you can position the filtered shower head as desired.

    The Cascade Contemporary and Traditional 8-Spray Filtered Showerhead provides an invigorating Spray to compliment any skin care regime.

  • Nephros hasn't come out with a new product yet, so there are no prototypes out, but similar companies have similar products that are good comparisons. Lowes carries a product that is very similar to the SafeShower. This product is the Sprite Shower Filter with Shower Head.

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