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Speakman shower heads Anystream 2000

Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head, Polished Chrome

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  • TAG : Speakman 2000 Anystream Shower Heads Provide An Exhilarating Shower
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    Westside Wholesale offers Speakman shower heads and equipping accessories. From shower holders, shower hoses to volume controls and diverters, these units are offering plenty of space and are committed providing fine look for your bathroom organization. Westside Wholesale website offeres all types of bathroom accessories and fittings adapt to all Speakman showerheads. We care about your time and comfort by giving a long life warranties to each of the sold products.

  • Most Speakman shower heads are easy to install, especially in existing fixtures, and they come with a range of comfort enhancing spray settings. Speakman faucets will typically need to be installed by a licensed plumber, however. We do our best to stock a wide selection of colors and finishes for our Speakman bathroom products to help you find the best option for your decor.

    Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Speakman shower heads, faucets, bathroom fixtures, and other bathroom products. Many consider Speakman to be the most prominent name when it comes to shower heads and faucets for both residential and commercial applications. This company is known for their quality, innovation, and durability when it comes to their shower heads and faucets.

  • Another type of Speakman shower head, called the Reaction, is ideal for low water pressure situations. This shower head features a single setting that concentrates water pressure, giving a powerful spray. Most Speakman shower heads, including the Reaction, are available in several finishes.

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