Heartland America: Silver Shower Head & Massager

Square Silver Shower Head

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Shower-Head /Handheld-Shower Combo

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  • As soon as I have some free time, that old silver shower head and Waterpik handheld are going to be history. And no, I won’t save the handheld to hook up to my kitchen faucet to wash my dog. She thinks it’s ugly, too.

    By installing a new rain shower head, I can update my bathroom quickly and rather inexpensively. I not only get a new look (goodbye dangling handheld), but I don’t have to look up at that ugly silver shower head in my face—literally.

  • Silverex Shower Head Made with Pure Silver Removes Pimples, kills bacteria and leaves the skin feeling glorious. The healthiest, most luxurious shower you’ll ever experience.

    And the rainfall shower head has been loved for its pleasure experience, high quality and even the modern exterior. And there are rainfall shower heads in different kinds of shape, but all of them could give you pleasure. As long as you like, you could choose the square silver shower head or the round shower head. And I want to take the as an example to show you the benefits of the rainfall shower head.

  • The healthiest, most luxurious shower you’ll ever experience
    Nothing else leaves you feeling as clean and as soft as the Hyundai Silverex shower head. Are you stressed out by your skin? Try taking a shower with colloid silver water offered by our Silverex shower.
    A natural antibiotic, silver is fused with the advantages of ‘foamified’ silver. Effectively reduces bacteria that can cause skin problems.

12" Gold Plated Shower Head, LED Shower Head

Recent study in University of Colorado at Boulder, shows how daily shower can deliver a face full of potentially pathogenic bacteria. All from slimy biofilm, clinging to the inside of the bathroom showerhead, harboring up to 100 times the levels of pathogens found in background municipal water. , but know, that supposedly refreshing morning shower, can make you sick. Especially if your immune system is little down or you are recovering from a previous illness. Silverex shower head with build in silverfoam prevents bacteria from developing inside the head.