Showerheads with a single, invigorating flow.

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Shower Head, Hand Held, High Pressure, detachable / removable handshower, Rainfall & Massage, Chrome surface with hose by Showerhead Fabulous - easy to install handheld shower heads 2.5 GPM Waterpik

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  • Spray Setting and Pattern: Although you buy a rain shower head for getting the taste of rain, you feel bored if there is no difference. Almost all shower head have different pattern spray setting and pattern for giving you different pattern of showers. Consider buying a rain shower head that has the different pattern and sprays setting. Compare all shower heads and pick the shower head that has diversified spray pattern.

    In most states, shower heads are required to use no more than 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm), which is significantly less than the flow rate of some older shower heads. However, if you want to save even more water, you can choose a shower head bearing the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) . Models with this label are guaranteed to use no more than 2 gpm and may be required in some areas, such as California, Colorado and parts of New York. Many of the shower heads we recommend come in both 2.5 gpm and low-flow 2.0 gpm versions. Purchasing a low-flow shower head may qualify for a rebate that will defray much of the cost of the new shower head. You can find out if your shower head qualifies for a rebate by visiting the .

  • This type of shower head is the most common and can range from extremely basic, with just a single spray setting, to more sophisticated, with a variety of spray choices that you access by turning a knob or dial. Fixed shower heads are generally easy to install. Flow rates for these shower heads generally fall in to the 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) range, which means they are not WaterSense certified (see below).

    These are one of the hottest trends in shower heads. These can-shaped shower heads have broad, flat faces that drop water straight down onto the user to simulate rainfall. Many reviewers rave about the luxurious feel of this type of shower, but it's not for everyone. Most rain shower heads use the full 2.5 gpm allowed by law, and some people still find the flow too weak. Rain shower heads tend to be pricier than other shower heads, and installation can be more complicated, as well.

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  • High Pressure Shower Heads - Enjoy your Showers Again!

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    Dissatisfied with your current shower head and lousy pressure? Then you're at the right place! Twelve years ago we began the search for the the best high pressure shower heads on the market, testing dozens of shower heads from many manufacturers. Our testing focused on one attribute: High Pressure. So what makes a great high pressure shower head? Not a high price. Not a "status" name. Definitely not whooshing air or some "new technological breakthrough". What matters is excellent stream control, the right number of streams, and an internal design which minimizes blockages. The bad news is that you can't determine these without testing. The good news is that we've done the testing and found the best! Great shower heads become harder to find each year, but they are still available!

    Our shower heads can be found in many exclusive spas, exotic resorts, boutique hotels, and in the locker rooms of many professional sports teams and top athletic clubs. Get yours today!


    A massive selection of luxury shower heads and arms, available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Our fixed shower heads include wall mounted and ceiling mounted shower arms as optional extras, whilst an adjustable handset and flexible hose accompany our slide rail kits.

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This Rainfall shower head is GREAT. I tried several other more expensive rainfall shower heads before switching to the Lambert and could not be happier!