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Only Head That Can Change Songs/Volume/Answer Calls in the Shower! Spa Living White Bluetooth Speaker Rain Shower Head

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  • Now we know the Rubber Duckie song of the 1950s and 1960s was not just a pipe dream but we now have the opportunity to hear music in the shower. The new shower heads have speakers and there is music available. They are also able to be recharged while not in use. There is also water saving feature included in this brand.

    One good thing about singing in the bathroom is that no one can judge you, even if you sound more like scaring rather than singing. If you live up to that idea, then you will definitely love shower heads with speakers. The features offered to the market vary, depending on the price tag it comes with. Some cheaper models only come with an AM / FM radio. A number of decent models provide you with Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to stream your favorite music from iPhone, iPod, and similar gadgets. The most advanced models offer a Wi-Fi connectivity for more versatile use, like streaming sport news audio.

  • We expanded the shower toward the window and deeper into the room. The quartz deck of the tub also extended into the shower to give her the bench she wanted. This also left lots of good elbow room above. Duel shower heads and speakers for music make a shower an enjoyable experience.

    Yes, shower heads with speaker systems! How cool is that? You can listen to your playlist while taking a shower. If back in the days you used to leave your bathroom door a bit open so that you can listen to your music playing, this time you can take your music with you in the shower. Only a few manufacturers have dared to venture this demand. Here are some which are notable quality Bluetooth shower head speakers. If you want to experience music while in the shower, you can pick from these top choices for shower heads that play music or .

  • The technologies the shower heads with speakers use are designed to provide a clear sound, so it isn’t muffled by the sound of shower water. So have your next shower with a blast of water from powerful jets while you enjoy the thumping music coming from the integrated speaker. Our guide on best here.

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