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AquaSense 3 Setting Handheld Shower Head with Ultra-Long Stainless Steel Hose, White

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  • TAG : you stumble in to the bathroom in the morning and turn on the shower
  • I'm watching a house for a friend and can not figure out how to turn on the shower. It turns all the way right to shut off and all the way left to the highest temperature. I don't know the model number, as this isn't my house, and I can't get in touch with my friend. The handle does not move in any other direction. How do I get the shower head to turn on?

    The Ancheer 5 way High Pressure Handheld Shower Head turns your otherwise low water pressure into a high water pressure luxury shower experience! I know the importance of not wasting water, especially with all of the droughts going on worldwide. In our main bathroom, the water pressure was set to the lowest setting possible. Plus the shower head we had was one of those cheap-o ones designed to save water. But guess what? I was going crazy because I literally could not rinse all of the shampoo out of my hair!

  • Once the shower is turned on the colors start showing brilliantly. The LEDs start out blue, moving into greens, then yellows, and oranges, then finally the LED shower head turns to red. Red signifies your shower is over.

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