Details about 3 Color LED Light Shower Head Water Temperature Sensor

Shower Head Light Temperature Sensor

DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head by Top Brand Manufacturer! Color of LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature

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  • High quality shower head with temperature sensor controlled 3-color LED light, no batteries or other power supplies are needed, offers you ultra-cool colorful bathing experience.

    Was disappointed that the mounting is cheap plastic and not metal. The lower shower head temp sensor worked for about 6 months. Now it just stays blue.

  •  Re: showerhead temperature problem
    Author: NICK (CA)

    i was going to say it sounds like a balancing spool problem, what brand of valve is it? Also, just for your information, you described a problem in the first part of your diagnosis that I come across a lot. When you have these shower massages with the long cords and the flow restrictors, it takes awhile for your temp to respond and show at the head because of the lack of flow. You may adjust your temp to be hotter and it doesnt show for 10 seconds so people have a tendancy to turn it even hotter. Then the first wave hits and it is a better temperature, but then the increase shows up and it is too hot. I'm a little confused if changing the head from a standard head to another standard head fixes the problem. I would tell you to pop out the flow restrictor, but that is your decision.

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  •  showerhead temperature problem
    Author: jobo (SC)

    I've have owned my home for nearly two years. Approximately 6 months after moving in, my shower lost the ability to control the temperature. Basically, when you turned it somewhere in the warm setting it went scalding hot. It stayed scalding hot for approximately 30 seconds, then would go cold for about 30 seconds until it decided to go hot again. Or I could turn the knob into the cold zone and it would go back cold again. But no control over the degree of hot or cold. My water heater is a 4 year old gas tankless and I have a single shower handle for controlling temperature.
    A plumber came out, inspected it, and replaced something in the handle called a diverter, which apparently controls mixing the hot and cold water. This had no effect. Our other shower and all other faucets worked fine, so we ruled out the water heater. Just for fun, we took off the shower head and let the water dump in the tub. We now had complete control of the temp. So I replaced the current head (a fairly large one with a removable corded head) and replaced it with a very simple small head. Our showers were comfortable for about a year. Now the problem has returned. I removed the shower head, the water dumped in fine, so I went to Lowe's and bought another cheap shower head. This one fixed the problem for about 3 weeks, and now it had returned again. This shower head also didn't quite allow the greatest control over the temp either. Can anyone help me solve this problem for good? How does a showerhead have this much control over temperature and what is occurring over time with each head that revives the problem? It baffled my last plumber so I don't want to spend money again without a good solution.

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