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Handheld Toilet Bathroom ABS Bidet Diaper Shower Head Spray Sprayer

ShowerMaxx - 6 Spray Settings Luxury Spa Grade Handheld Shower Head includes Extra Long Stainless Steel Hose, Adjustable Mount & Free Teflon Tape - Premium Chrome Finish Hand Held Showerhead

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  • The Handheld Shower Head Spray Massager, by , was designed to give the user an ultra-relaxing shower experience with the convenience of easy installation and maneuverability. This shower head delivers three types of the spray streams: one with a typical wide stream and two others to provide therapeutic massage streams.

    rantontoo, I have been paying more attention to my shower head spray pattern and I it is wider than I thought. Though the water comes out in a straight pattern as it falls there is a criss-crossing of the lines of water and the resulting spray hitting the floor is about 3' wide. May I ask why you need a narrow spray pattern? Is it because of shower size or a window in the shower?

  • A: There are significant differences in the shower head sprays for models with identical flow rates. The most efficient ones are as low as 1.5 gallons a minute, and the savings can pay back their cost in just a few months.

    The Handheld Shower Head Spray Massager will take your bathing experience to a new level and possibly give a degree of given the two types of massage settings. One massage option gives the user both full spray and a pulsing stream in the center. The other option is a full pulsating stream that will softly strike the skin in a pleasing rhythmic pattern.

  • If you would like to take a comfortable bath every day, you are in the right place. This WG-012 Metal and Plastic Water-saving Shower Head Spray can do it for you. The sprinkler design makes you comfortable when taking a bath. It can bring you a good feeling from head to toe just like massage. It is really a good assistant to ease fatigue and tiredness. Besides, it is a water-saving shower head. What a good shower product for you! Come on and never miss it!

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A top-mount or ceiling-mount showerhead provides spray from directly overhead. Some top-mount sprays are installed flush to the ceiling, which work well in areas where the ceiling is too low to accommodate a wall-mount head.