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I have fibromyalgia and I love that the water from the rejuvenator shower head flows softly and wouldn’t hit onto my skin hard!Thank You!

Shower Filter, Removes Hard Water and Chlorine, High Pressure Shower Head, 3 Settings, Prevents Hair and Skin Dryness, Purifies Water

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  • Installing a shower head water softener is usually very simple, especially compared to whole house softening systems. The device typically includes a shower head, a small filtering tank, and a component that attaches to the shower valve. Professional installation is not necessary in most cases.

    Shower head water softeners typically cost $100 or more (if you see something for less, make sure that you’re not looking at a shower filter). As with other water softening systems, some maintenance is required. However, instead of dealing with hefty or , you typically only have to replace a filter. In other words, there’s significantly less hassle and expense to owning one of these devices as opposed to whole house water softeners.

  • Shower head water softeners are a good choice for people who are primarily concerned with the effect of hard water on their hair or skin, or who simply like the feel of soft water. They’re also a logical choice for people who live in apartments, need to save space, or just want to be able to take their water softening system with them when they move.

    Don’t let a sales person convince you to buy a large and expensive appliance that is more than what you need. While traditional and whole house systems do offer a lot of advantages over smaller devices, those benefits are only meaningful if you have water that’s hard enough to scale in your pipes and appliances. If your concerns are more cosmetic or aesthetic, a cheaper and more eco-friendly shower head water softener could be just the thing for you.

  • Update: A number of people have emailed asking for recommendations of specific models or dealers. While there are a few shower head softener products on the market, we have not tested them or come across reliable customer reviews that would allow us to make a recommendation. Due to the lack of information on these products, we suggest buying a whole house softener or a shower head filter like the one pictured above.

Delta Vero 1-Spray 2.5 GPM 8-5/8 in

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