Premier 192065 Showerhead Flow Regulator, Chrome

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KES K1140B BRASS Shower Head Shut-Off Valve 1/2" IPS, Polished Chrome

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  • Unformatted text preview: 1. Flow Reducer To conserve water and energy, a flow reducer is installed in the shower head as shown in Figure 9. If the pressure at point #1 remains constant and all losses except for that in the flow reducer are neglected, determine the value of the loss coe ffi cient (based on the velocity in the pipe) of the flow reducer if its presence is to reduce the flow rate by a factor of 2. For simplicity, you can neglect the e ects of gravity. Figure 9: Schematic of a shower head flow reducer. 2. Flow in an Iron Pipe System Water flows steadily through the 0.75-inch diameter galvanized iron pipe system at a rate of 0.020 ft 3 s 1 as shown in Figure 10. Your boss believes that friction losses in the straight pipe sections are negligible compared to the losses in the threaded elbows and fittings of the system. Do you agree or disagree with your boss? Support your answer with appropriate calculations. Spring 2013 Professor B. A. Forman 22 ENCE 305 Fundamentals of Engineering Fluids PS #29 Figure 10: Schematic of flow in a galvanized iron pipe system. Assume all the pipe segments, elbows, and connectors lie on a common horizontal plane. Spring 2013 Professor B. A. Forman 23...

    Low-flow shower heads – These shower heads reduce the flow of water that’s released from the head either by mixing air in with the water (aerating) or restricting flow without mixing in air (non-aerating). The effect is an increased water flow velocity that makes the spray seem more high powered, giving the feeling that the body is getting as wet as with a regular shower head.

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