The chrome/grey version of this shower head holder is: .

Product Name: Mira Response 22mm shower head holder - white/grey (411.23)

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  • There are complete shower systems which include valves, a shower head holder, a shower head, water points and body sprays which turn the humble shower into a complete spa experience. The material used in the construction of the shower head holder is also a consideration when deciding which one to buy. Some are made of plastic or are chrome plated with the more expensive fixtures available in or even gold. The quality and the price vary according to the material used and this in turn affects the longevity of the holder.

    This Portable Shower Head Holder allows both adults and children to enjoy a comfortable shower with the shower head at a suitable height for themselves. It can easily stick onto the smooth wall surfaces with only a vacuum suction cup, also can be rotated to hold the ideal position.

  • Shower head holders can be adjustable themselves if they are mounted on a vertical rail which allows for height adjustments. Some do not require permanent holes drilled into shower tiles or walls but attach to the wall by suction or adhesive. This also allows for the different heights of different users. Some offer the choice of a fixed shower head with a hand-held attachable fixed onto a bracket further down the vertical rail. This kind of shower upgrade is a popular choice with those remodeling their bathroom.

    I had the same thing happen with our shower head holder and the shower head fell down and hit my granddaughter on the shoulder when she was playing in the bathtub.

    Technical specification of Triton Chrome Effect Shower Head, Hose & Shower Head Holder
    Brand Triton
    Finish Chrome effect
    Height 210mm
    Length 80mm
    Width 70mm
    Weight 0.8kg
    Fitting Universal fitting
    Material Plastic & Metal
    Model REACCBP3CH

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    When choosing a shower head holder, it is important to consider the water pressure, the heights the shower head needs to be and the kind of design. Shower heads can be fixed or hand-held with the latter having the further option of being mounted on a holder or held in the hand to offer even more control over where the water is directed. This can be inconvenient, so many householders opt for the choice of using a shower head holder.

Product Name: Aqualisa 25mm shower head holder - white (215001)

The Safe-er-Grip Shower Head Holder employs a Suction Arm Grip that allows you to secure your hand-held shower in whatever location you deem most convenient and within the best reach for you. Standing adult can position the Safe-er-Grip Shower Head Holder up high, or it can be lowered for the best height for children or seated adults.