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How to Remove an Old Shower Head Do-It-Yourself in 1, 2, or 3 Easy Steps

Ollypulse 12 Inch Round Ceiling Wall Mount Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, Black

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  • TAG : putty or Teflon tape left on the threads of the shower stem
  • The function of a ball fixture in a shower head is to allow it to pivot or swivel to change the direction of the water flow. Hard water or mineral deposits can damage the ball fixture. Extreme cases require replacement of the ball fixture. The ball fixture is located inside of the shower head or on the end its arm. Most types of shower heads sold today do not allow access to the ball fixture, because it is permanently sealed in the main body of the head. This type of shower head requires total replacement. However, it is possible to replace ball fixtures in older shower heads and shower head arms.

    […] water is low. This is not necessarily because of limited supply of water. Mostly it is because of clogged shower head. This happens when the shower head gets old. You can use vinegar to clean the showerhead. Cleaning […]

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