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Of course, we have very hard water so I have to take the shower head off a lot for maintenance.

Aquafaucet S-002 Shower Head Shut Off Valve Solid Brass, Brushed Nickel

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  • The shower head features spray nozzles that have anti clogging qualities. It’s a spray shower head that offers 5 settings and an additional massage setting. You can either have a full-body spray shower or an invigorating pulse massage for muscle relaxation.

    Just broke my shower head arm off at the thread yesterday. Found this posting and went down to my local hardware store to look for #10 flat file. After hearing my story, the person who helped me told me that using the file for this purpose have a good chance of ruining it. He then went to his little box of loaner tools and took out a "saw-off" Hanson ST-7 Screw Extractor that was modified for exactly the purpose. I "fit-check" it with the broken shower pipe and it went in about 1/2 inch snugly. This should work because I only have 1 inch pass the threads before hitting the end of the elbow of the pipe in the wall. I took it home and tried it and it worked great. I do have to hammer it in a lot more than I thought I need to (about 1/4 inch) and have to apply even pressure and turn it perpendicular to make it work. The techniques provided by Time Spiral's posting really help even when I ended up with a different tool - just cannot beat a free loaner! They do not call themselves "helpful hardware men" for nothing! I found the "unsaw-off" version of the Hanson ST-7 extractor on Amazon for $5.60. So if you want to try this alternative method and your local hardware store does not have such a customized tool available, you can DIY.

  • Another grain rain shower head is offered by the AKDY brand. The entire body of the shower head is made of solid durable plastic. It comes in a chrome finish, which gives the unit a bright and look. It features a sleek thin square design, measuring 8 inches on all sides.

    Energy Savings
    For energy savings, look for showerheads that have a WaterSense label to save water and money. These low-flow showerheads use less water than a standard model. According to government standards, no showerhead can have a water flow rate greater than 2.5 gallons per minute at a standardized pressure of 80 psi (pounds per square inch). Low-flow showerheads use even less than that, which translates to lower energy costs to the consumer. Not every home has water pressure as high as 80 psi. Levels substantially lower than that can make a dramatic difference in the effectiveness of the shower. If it feels as if you never can get the shampoo rinsed out of your hair properly, look for a model designed specifically for low water pressure use.

    Some showerheads also come with a cut-off valve that allows you to stop the flow of water while bathing, which greatly reduces the amount of water used in every shower.

    Spray Patterns
    Look for a unit in which the spray pattern is easily adjustable. Most showerheads offer three different spray patterns including:

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    • Filtered body spray – Purifies Water and rejuvenates your skin in your bathtub.
    • Eco friendly water saving without sacrificing water pressure thanks to laser perforated technology.
    • ZenFresh low flow handheld shower head offers luxurious spa experience without the price tag!
    • Smoother Skin and Reduce Oil Secretion – Bioactive stones help restore balance in oil glands.
    • Easy Installation – Connect to any standard hose in minutes. Order a ZF shower head today!

  • Showerbuddy 100% Shower Head Shut Off Ball Valves
    Heavy Duty Solid Brass, this is a 100% shut off

    One of the key elements of getting more people to regularly choose smarter greener options is to make the more sustainable choice as simple and as frictionless as possible. By removing some of the steps, or by taking some of the perceived 'pain' out of making an eco-friendly choice, it becomes easier for more people to conserve resources without adding a whole lot of extra work, either mentally, financially, or physically, to their lives. And a forthcoming water conservation product, OaSense, aims to do that in people's bathrooms, through a 'smart' showerhead offered as a drop-in replacement for standard fixtures.

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Since you have the showerhead off, now is a good time to clean out the showerhead, especially if you've noticed decreased flow. Oftentimes, there can be mineral deposits or sediment left by hard water on the interior of the showerhead or at the pipe stem (where the pipe connects to the showerhead). This can significantly affect water pressure and flow and can contribute to a leaky showerhead.