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  • 7' is fine--it's a typical height. Once the shower head is installed it will look more "normal" to you as it will hang lower by virtue of it's design and the angled shower arm. People taller than 6' usually prefer it to be a little higher.

    But, congratulations! It wasn’t an easy project, as far as handyman DIYs go, but you have successfully raised your shower head and installed tub fixtures.

  • After the shower head is installed, let’s move onto the tub faucet, or spout. Follow the instructions that come with your fixtures. For a slip-fit spout, we needed to trim the copper pipe 5-1/8” away from the face of the tile wall. Measured and marked here.

    On the exposed shower arm threads, wrap Teflon tape. Only tape the lower half or two-thirds of these threads, though. Taping all the way up the threadswill likely make the tape visible after the shower head is installed.


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  • Disclaimer: I was provided with Moen Halo shower heads to install and try out by Moen. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own (or Madison’s).

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Gaskets can tear when too much force is used and the supply pipe has a sharp edge. If you have a gasket with a cut, don't use it. Replace the gasket or use Teflon tape to repair the leaky shower head instead.