Chrome Shower Head Height Adjuster.

Shower Arm, Fivanus Universal Showering Components, 11"(Total Length) Adjustable Height Shower Head Arm Easy for Any Shower Angles. Chrome

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  • The supporting section 18 provides support for the shower assembly 10 and guides the hose during use. Portions of the supporting section will be preferred to be hidden or concealed behind the shower wall or otherwise masked from the user's view whereas other portions will be visible to the user. FIGS. 4 and 5 show a supporting section which includes a U-shaped member 48 with a front edge having an opening therein and two side edges, a rear element 50, and one or more hose sleeves 52, 54 which are secured to the U-shaped member 48. From the housing 12, the hose extends from behind the shower wall 22 to the exposed side thereof through housing hose sleeves 52, 54. An escutcheon 56 may be used to mask the opening in the shower wall 22. The hose sleeves 52, 54 are located at an elevation that is approximate to standard shower head height and are made of rigid, durable materials such as metal although some types of plastic may be suitable.

    No specific rules apply to shower head height. Optimal shower head heights might range from 54 inches for a 5-foot-tall person to 78 inches for someone 6 1/2 feet or taller.

  • No specific rules apply to shower head height. Optimal shower head heights might range from 135 cm (54 inches) for a 1.5 m (5 foot) tall person to 1.8 m (78 inches) for someone 1.95 m (6 1/2 feet) or taller.

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  • Shower head height
    [#2] Posted: 04/20/2008 - 3:50:25 PM
    Quote: Originally posted by Phillip

    Is there a minimal height for a shower head in a tub or shower?

    Where can I find it at?


    I'm not awrare of a code requirement for the height of a shower head. I'm sure there are design guides that deal with it, though.

    For instance, in Building Construction Illustrated, Ching lists them as 6'-2" to 6'-8".

    You could probably find a reference Architectural Graphic Standards as well.

    I've installed several showers. In each case, I'd grab the shower arm and hold it up to the wall and ask the customer, "Where do you want it?"

    - Jim Katen, Oregon

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