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Drakken Tankless Electric Shower Head Heater

iHeat Tankless AHSH 2500 23A 2.5KW Chrome Plated 1/2" FIP Connector with 110V Cord Electric Shower Head Heater, 10" by 4.5"

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  • By heating water only in your shower and only when needed, this marvel of engineering brings a new name to energy and water conservation. By choosing the correct power setting in your shower, you can enjoy instant warm water whenever and for as long as you want. Doing your part to decrease wasteful electric use has never felt this good! This little shower head water heater has several uses including boats, RV's, camping or any other place where hot water may not be supplied. Just connect to a power source, a water source and enjoy!

    Coral brand electric shower heads , sold in the US. Manufacturing location unknown. Angelotty Plumb Pro electric shower head water heaters (company based in

  • It's a point-of-use shower head heater. It only warms a very small amount of water from the shower head. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and desperately needed. Thanks.

    The switch on the side is a hi/low switch. The on/off is regulated by the flow of the water itself, so all I ever have to touch are the faucets in the tub. I lived in Bogota, Colombia for several months, and these type of point-of-use shower head heaters are extremely common all over south America, from what I understand and from personal shower experience there. The electronics are all situated above the incomming water input. I dunno. I might just chance it.

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    An electric shower head heats ambient-temperature water to a comfortable shower temperature as it is coming out the shower head. This means you don’t need to keep a tank of water hot just so you can take a shower. Or, if you live in a cooler climate, you don’t have to keep your water as hot for other uses.

Electric Hot Water Heater Mixer Tap Shower Head Heat System DT628

The IHeat Hot Spot AHSH Tankless Shower Head Water Heater is a Patented Designed tankless electric shower head heater which has been developed with the up most quality and safety standards being tested and found to comply with NSF372 Lead free provisions. This electric tankless shower head heater is small yet powerful enough to be used as a portable shower where you may need to heat water. Designed with a completely water proof enclosure the Hot Spot has the ability to be used in the shower, outdoors, and even on your hunting or camping trips. The advanced technology allows you to choose up to 5 power settings. The Hot Spot is a powerful mini tankless water heater, but it does have its limitations, this heater should only be used with inlet water temperatures above 70F. The Stainless Steel heat ex-changer allows for several years of uninterrupted use of the hot spot.