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Shower Arm, Fivanus Universal Showering Components, 11"(Total Length) Adjustable Height Shower Head Arm Easy for Any Shower Angles. Chrome

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  • Using a shower head extension is a great option for a bathroom upgrade. These extensions are available with matching shower knobs and drains, which presents a professional finished look. Most shower heads are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a cost effective addition for a bathroom.

    Installing a shower head extension requires a basic understanding of plumbing and faucet fixture assembly. A homeowner can normally accomplish this, but a professional makes the job easier. This installation process typically takes a few hours and requires a few wrenches and plumber's tape.

  • The shower head extension typically includes three primary parts. These are the head unit, extension device, and connection pipe. These usually connect easily to standard plumbing fixtures.

    A shower massage head unit is a type of shower head extension. This shower head provides an adjustable pressure control, which is great for relaxing tired tense muscles. The extension unit is typically connected with a flexible hose that can be easily rotated into multiple positions. A gentle rain setting is a popular feature in many shower head extensions. This provides soft gentle water pressure that simulates the feeling of a rain shower.

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    A brass shower head is an elegant design that gives a bathroom an antique appearance. This type of shower head extension fits well in old Victorian homes and gives the bathroom a touch of historic class. Brass shower heads are typically more expensive than the stainless steal version and are available in either polished or a brushed finish.

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How to install rainfall shower head

I take my old shower head and raise it up about 20" without any major plumbing. I then install a rainfall shower head.

We do this by taking out the old shower arm and replacing it with an S curve shower arm. I bought mine at Home Depot back by the showerheads and I got it for under $16. This extension piece allows you to raise the shower arm roughly 11inches. You can find these at Lowes Home Improvement as well.

I secured the shower arm back into the piping in the wall using Joint Compound or "Pipe Dope". After the shower arm is installed I simply screwed on the shower head to the new shower arm and bent it to me desired height.

I use to have to crouch just to splash water in my face and now I have a rainfall shower all for under $70. Granted there are probably better more expensive ways to do this but this isn't Home and Garden TV. Just a normal dude who wants a nice shower setup.

If you've only got $100 or less to spend on your bathroom renovation project I highly recommend swapping out a new rainfall shower head.

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How to install rainfall shower head

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