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  • The Cambridge Rainfall Nozzle Shower Head with Extended Arm is designed to bring spa-like comfort to your showering experience. The adjustable head can be angled to your specifications, making this brass product an ideal fit for a truly luxurious bathroom. ...

    Increase the reach and comfort of your shower with the Ornate Shower Head Extension Arm, which mounts to the wall and makes a beautiful finish for your project. Crafted of brass, this attractive shower arm features a decorative 90-degree ball ...

  • We have the solution for pretty much any situation. We offer a wide variety of shower head extension arms, "S" Riser Pipes, fixed pipes, pipe nipples and brass fittings in several finishes. All our shower arms have been extensively tested and we feel there is nothing out there that compares to the quality or strength of our shower extension arms.

    How to install rainfall shower head

    I take my old shower head and raise it up about 20" without any major plumbing. I then install a rainfall shower head.

    We do this by taking out the old shower arm and replacing it with an S curve shower arm. I bought mine at Home Depot back by the showerheads and I got it for under $16. This extension piece allows you to raise the shower arm roughly 11inches. You can find these at Lowes Home Improvement as well.

    I secured the shower arm back into the piping in the wall using Joint Compound or "Pipe Dope". After the shower arm is installed I simply screwed on the shower head to the new shower arm and bent it to me desired height.

    I use to have to crouch just to splash water in my face and now I have a rainfall shower all for under $70. Granted there are probably better more expensive ways to do this but this isn't Home and Garden TV. Just a normal dude who wants a nice shower setup.

    If you've only got $100 or less to spend on your bathroom renovation project I highly recommend swapping out a new rainfall shower head.

    Installing rainfall shower head

    Shower Head Extension

    Adjustable Shower Head

    Shower Head Extender

    How to install rainfall shower head

    Shower extension arm

    Replacement Shower Head Arm Extension
    An Easy Way to Improve your Shower
    Fits All Standard Shower Heads - 8 inch  Length

    Solid Brass with durable finishes
    8 inch Length Shower Head Arm Extension
    Includes matching Flange

    Now available in Oil Rub Bronze

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Rainfall Nozzle Shower Head With Extended Shower Arm - Polished Brass