Details about ANS Pedicure Spa Shower Head Complete Set

Upgrade your shower experience with a new shower faucet, shower head, or complete shower system.

Shower Head - Rainfall High Pressure Full Chrome Polished - 6" Luxury Spa Fixed Showerhead - Removable Water Restrictor - Adjustable Brass Swivel Ball Joint for the Best Relaxation and Stress Relief

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  • TAG : Shower Head Type: Adjustable Shower Head; Dual Shower Head; ..
  • If money is no object for you then this $100,000 Silver TAG shower is meant for rich souls like you who can go to any extent for an invigorating shower experience. The opulent showerhead comes with 18 high-tech showerheads for complete nirvana. The...

    Replace the shower head.
    Chances are, your rental shower head comes complete with years' worth of limescale and the resulting half-hearted drizzle. Replacing the shower head is an easy fix and decent ones can be found for a song virtually anywhere online. You may not get your dreamed-for rain head shower experience yet, but you can have a better morning wake-up in the meantime. Just stash the old one in a closet somewhere and swap back before you leave (or be nice and leave the new one, your call).

  • Compatibility

    This part is compatible with the following machines:

    BES920XL The Dual Boiler
    BES900XL The Dual Boiler
    BES920BSXL The Dual Boiler
    BES920CBXL The Dual Boiler

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  • Now you can bring soothing therapy to your shower with Color Changing and Rainbow LED Showers. These multicolored showers will add a vibrant element of color therapy to your bathroom experience! Beautiful & Romantic. No batteries or wires needed, as they are hydropowered by water flow.

    • Low flow, water conservation combined with a unique fun & soothing experience
  • Adopted 20mm male thread fits most pipes, connects directly into your pre-existing shower pipe
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, light-fast, bright and durable
  • Our Shower Head are made of Stainless Steel or Brass (and not ABS-Plastic) they are Maintenance Free
  • BathSelect Shower Head Lights will Last the lifetime of the Shower Head-guaranteed!
  • Our LED shower head comes complete ready for installation.
  • Installation of most of our LED shower head should only take couple of minutes.
  • The Color Changing LED Shower is an amazing unit that lights up the water pouring from your nozzle for a fun and interactive shower experience. You can cycle through 7 distinct colors or put them all together to create a beautiful rainbow that cascades down from your shower head. Or with the Red-Green-Blue Shower head, the LED lights automatically change with the water's temperature.

    The LED Showerhead uses a three-color coded system to let you know the exact temperature range of the water that’s running through your showerhead. Ranging from blue, which represents temperatures at 90F or less, up through red, you will never be caught off guard with these LED lights watching your back. If your shower creeps over 115F, the LED light will automatically start flashing red.

It takes Moxie to shower out loud