the showerhead with clean water.

Shower Head Cleaner.

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  • Now that the shower head is clean and the water will flow freely, it’s time to reinstall it in your shower. You can just reverse the process you used to remove it before you cleaned it.

    In between full cleanings, you can fill a Ziploc bag with vinegar and attach it to the shower head without removing it. This will help keep the shower head clean and free of deposits.

  • Melissa, thank you for the shower head cleaning advice!! I recently bought a new shower head and love its flow, and I want to keep it that way. A couple of the holes are already starting to spray a little bit sideways.

    For larger shower heads, you can always try scrubbing them with a toothbrush and vinegar, then rinsing (without soaking them first). But if you have a specialty shower head, you will want to consult the manufacturer or check your manual for cleaning advice. This may involve disassembling the shower head and cleaning specific parts, and you may be warned against using certain chemicals or household items as cleaning agents. [Kingston Brass Showerhead with Shower Arm from ]

  • Though the shower head cleaner is perhaps my personal fave use for cleaning with vinegar….it is certainly not my only trick in the bag…I have other ….

Shower Head Cleaner & Other Natural Cleaning Tips with Heinz Cleaning

Let’s start with an easy way to keep that shower head clean! This method works well for small- to medium-sized shower heads, and it involves no toxic chemicals. [photo from ]