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Filtered Handheld Shower Head Body Spray Water Saving Ionic Showerhead Helps With Dry Skin And Hair

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  • Our system has a thermostatic control with separate valves for the shower head and body spray array. This allows the body sprays to be turned off while lathering up, which would be difficult while they are spraying.

    I have never tried a rain shower head. Is it a really gentle spray? I want to make sure there is enough water pressure to get shampoo out of my long hair. (I really like the pressure of the Raindance 5" hand shower head.) Kohler offers identical looking models of both rain shower heads and body sprays with "soothing spray" or "stimulating spray." I have no idea which to pick without trying them. I want a decent amount of water pressure, but not a pelting or stinging spray. It would be nice to have a shower head or body spray where you can adjust the type of spray.

  • The shower heads and body sprays should be placed so that the no water sources are pointing at the shower door or exit to the shower. They should also be positioned so that they hit the user in the desired areas.
    Body sprays need to be lined up in a row, with a minimum of three to a grouping in what is called a "pressure balancing loop" to ensure equal flow to each water source.

    In years gone by, a shower was merely a spot in the bathroom to get clean quickly and little thought was given to its functionality, let alone making it into a luxurious retreat. Nowadays, the plastic curtain surrounded shower is long gone, replaced by spacious showers with frosted doors, complete with multiple shower heads and body spray as well as massaging units that make you want to bask in the shower for hours (that may be why some are equipped with a shower seat). And while the basic tub and shower may be appropriate for the guest bathroom, many homeowners are now demanding a luxury shower in the master bath, oftentimes built with custom natural materials like marble, slate, or granite with electronic controls that allow them to make their showering experience something to look forward to each morning or night. Let's have a look at what you need to build your own luxury shower.

  • When designing a new home, think about how you will use the shower. Those who like to work out tired muscles under the shower should look for shower heads or body sprays that send water forth with high pressure. Others who prefer a softer type of shower might want a body spray that allows them to adjust to a fine mist.

A Custom Shower System in your home is the ultimate luxury experience