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The shower head assembly had started coming off the shower stall wall.

Delta 75152 3-7/8" Single-Function Shower Head with H2Okinetic Technology, Chrome

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  • As seen in FIG. 13, lime and calcium deposits 218 from mineral-laden supply water build up inside the end of the external nozzle 194 within the void space 208. Such a build-up can impede the supply water thereby disrupting the designed flow quality. It has been found by the present inventors that mineral deposits 218, such as lime and calcium deposits, form at the lower most portion of a shower nozzle 190. In this case, the structure of the corresponding inner 192 and external 194 nozzles facilitates formation of any mineral deposits 218 at the end of the external nozzle 194 and in the void space 208 between the lower portion 200 of the inner nozzle 192 and the lower portion 202 of the external nozzle 194. Thus, embodiments of the present invention provide the dual benefit of a means for accurate and precise directional control of water streams while simultaneously providing the ability to quickly and easily remove any mineral deposits 218 from the shower head 40 which may effect the performance of the shower head assembly 30. This means can be, among other things, a nozzle, a projecting vent or projecting spout, or a fluid focusing device.

    FIG. 12 is an enlarged section view of a shower head nozzle assembly 190 according to one embodiment of the present invention. Each nozzle assembly 190 includes an inner nozzle 192 and an external nozzle 194. The inner nozzle 192 is preferably nested within the external nozzle 194. Each nozzle 192, 194 has an upper 196, 198 and a lower 200, 202 portion. The lower portion 200, 202 of the each nozzle ends in a nozzle tip, or orifice 204, 206. The nozzles 192, 194 are nested such that a void space 200 is defined within the external nozzle 194 between the tips 204, 206 of the external nozzle 194 and the inner nozzle 192.

  • The Windsor Direct Interlink HotelSpa Hose and Shower Head Assembly is a high-utility shower faucet that has both handheld and fixed shower head. This shower faucet has a massage panel that provides an enjoyable showering experience. It has been designed to fit perfectly with the interior decor of traditional bathroom.

    This Interlink HotelSpa Hose and Shower Head Assembly from Vigo is constructed from plastic that makes it structure sturdy and durable. It has a metallic waterway offering a continuous flow of water. This shower faucet is available in a stunning stainless steel finish. The fixed showerhead has a swivel connector that you can adjust the water flow. You can use the handheld shower head for a better and more convenient shower. This shower faucet lasts for long as it is rust, chip, stain, and tarnish resistant. It has an adjustable spray enhancing the utility of the shower faucet. This shower delivers water jets at a speed of 2.5 gallons per minute. This shower faucet operates at a pressure of 80 psi. It has detachable shower head and hand shower hose for convenience.

    This water efficient shower faucet needs minimal assembly to install on the wall. You can wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

    In one embodiment of the shower head assembly 30, the head portion of the upper shell portion 44 and lower shell portion 48 are connected together using a detent-type structure or connection ring 102. The connector ring 102 includes a groove 103 on the top and bottom which correspond to the outermost edges of the flat portions 98, 100 of the upper and lower shells. The connector ring 102 provides for a uniform connection between the upper 44 and lower housing 48 and helps hold the outer housing together. In other embodiments the head portion of the upper 44 and lower shell 48 portions can be connected using any other means including adhesives and welds.

    The shower head assembly in Shower #4 at the Pilot in Florence, SC, had already started coming loose from the shower stall wall.

  • Was there anything else noteworthy about your shower experience?: As the photos show, this shower room needs some definite attention to maintenance.
    The fan had dust so thick that on the medium setting, it started to fly off the guard.
    An old air freshener (that was long past its prime) was up in the light fixture over the mirror.
    The shower curtain, while it looked new, was way too big for the shower stall opening. Not only that, but there were 12 holes from which to hang the curtain, but only 5 rings to hold it on the curtain rod.
    The toilet seat had obvious pits in it. The toilet paper dispenser was hanging crooked on the wall.
    The shower head assembly had started coming off the shower stall wall.
    There was only one towel hook in the room.
    I strongly suspect that there is a plumbing problem in the facility as a whole because there was a grinding sort of sound whenever water was turned off and back on in other rooms. In fact, there was a sound or noise when the shower water was turned on in Shower #4.
    Based on your personal expectations, what grade would you give to this shower facility and your shower experience today (A+ is best; F- is worst)?: C+
    Based on your experience today, would you recommend this shower facility to other professional drivers?: Maybe
    Additional comments:: On a positive note, there were two names over the shower room door, indicating that specific employees (Demetrious and Kevin) were responsible for taking care of the shower. Furthermore, there was a vase of artificial flowers on the counter, giving an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

    FIGS. 6A-B are an exploded view of a shower head assembly 30 according to one embodiment of the present invention. As shown in FIGS. 6A-B, the shower head assembly 30 is constructed using several layers of elements. Starting from the top of the shower head 40, the first layer is the upper portion 44 of the outer housing 42 of the shower head 40. The upper portion 44 has a shallow dome-shaped top and an elongated portion 52. The elongated end 52 of the upper shell portion 44 is adapted to receive an o-ring. On the underside of the elongated portion 52 of the upper shell is a notch 58 that enables access to a means 62 for controlling the level of flow of water exiting the shower head 40, such as a spool valve. The top of the upper shell portion 44 is a substantially circular or oval dome-like structure. The underside 98 of the dome-like structure is flat for connecting to the matching flat portion 100 of the lower shell portion 48, however, this need not necessarily be the case so long as it matches the lower shell portion 48 described below.

Interlink Hotel Spa Hose And Shower Head Assembly

In another embodiment, a shower head assembly comprises an outer housing defining an internal cavity and having at least one aperture. A first means for providing consistent, directional control of a water stream through the aperture is located within the internal cavity of the housing. A second means for sealing the first means and the outer housing and for removing mineral deposits is located between the outer housing and the first means.