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  • I am remodeling my bathroom and am familiar with everything involved but I was thinking of adding a second shower head and control which I'm not really sure what is involved. Where can I get my water from is it possible to tap off of existing lines in the bathroom or do new ones have to be run? Is there a book any one can recomend?


    When you are adding a second showerhead you really need to look at your current bathroom layout. The tilt of the tile or the layout of your door or curtain might limit where you place the second head. You want to ensure the area where the water will hit is waterproof and that it will properly drain just as the water from the original head.

  • When you add a second showerhead you may want to consider changing your shower door. If you have had any water problems or if you currently use a curtain, the added pressure can cause leaking and potential water damage in the rest of the bathroom. Solid doors are usually the optimal choice when it comes to more than one showerhead.

    Dual showerheads also offer a better transition for later in life. If you are planning on staying in your home, preparing your shower to handle your needs as you age is very important. You can put a second showerhead in low so that you can use it from a sitting position. Making it a mobile showerhead is often the best bet to make it last for a long time.

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    Author: redwood (CT)

    You could try reading my new plumbing DIYer book!

    Seriously a lot depends on how your house is plumbed and we can't see it from here. This is a task that isn't as easy as you think it is and you might just want to hire a pro for it!

    There are devices available that fasten on the end of the shower arm and can divert between 2 devices. If you want more than that either post more information or, hire someone.

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    Author: thejamin1 (FL)

    Well I don't really know all the right lingo, but it seems pretty standard to me. I have a shower, it has copper piping, one hot and one cold, the water drains out threw the slab. Can I tap into the existing piping inside of the bathroom and have two completely seperate shower heads and controls without losing too much pressure from one or the other? Yes or no, is my question.

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    Design. Do you need a dual shower arm or a combo hand-held with fixed head as well? As a more fancy option, you can install a second shower head in the opposite shower wall. Although this will require some plumbing work, the result is stunning.

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I need to buy shower fixtures for our master bath remodel that is supposed to start at the beginning of August. We are putting a walk-in shower in place of the current tub/shower combo. It is in a 3-sided alcove that is 59" wide x 41" deep x 8' high. The 59" back wall has a 3' W x 18" H window. The front 59" "wall" is glass. I already purchased a Thermasol steam generator at a great price when a local chain went out of business. We used a Hansgrohe Raindance hand shower on a 36" slide bar in our last house and loved it, so we are using one of those again. DH thinks that is all we need since that set-up worked for us before. I think it might be nice to have a second shower head, since we have to take turns under the water on the mornings that we shower together, and I get a little chilly waiting for my turn in winter. I am also considering body sprays, because I have a lot of pain in my lower back.