Rubber Shower Head & Personal Shower Hose Washer - Pack Of 6.

Rubber Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Gasket offered by China manufacturer Better Silicone

Danco 10086 VersaSpray Handheld Shower, White

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  • Water is a valuable resource so judicious use is a responsibility for all. Limiting use of such a precious entity of our life should be encouraged whenever possible. Blue Whales Rubber Shower Head shows a way to do so.

    One of the things that bothers me most is when I am traveling and use a different shower for bathing and the water just trickles out. There is no way for me to adjust it and I always end up with soap left in my hair. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to adjust the water pressure by squeezing our shower head? Blue Whales flexible rubber shower head can do this for you. I think this is a seriously awesome product because it is so convenient. Compared to our typical shower heads that adjust one level of water pressure from the tap, Blue Whales offers a direct way to control water pressure. Let’s say washing your face would require much gentler stream of water than when you wash your body or feet. Simply strongly squeezed this flexible rubber shower head to get high water pressure while holding it loosely provides you with gentle stream of water. Personally I need a constant high water pressure to be able to get soap out of my thick hair and this sounds like the perfect invention for me! What an awesome product.

  • The Blue Whales Rubber Shower Head designed by Kim Sangun urges the user to control the flow of water according to requirement so that waste can be curbed. Simply pressing the flexible shower head surface makes a difference in the water pressure. A little pressure makes water to flow out at lower speed than when the surface is firmly compressed making it easier for the user to adjust water usage. The name Blue Whales also is a reminder of the aquatic species that signifies the importance of water.

    The Vinegar Method
    Step 1—scrubbing the shower head nozzles with a toothbrush—may not manage to remove all mineral deposits. That’s OK: You can clean off the remainder with household vinegar, whose mild acidity actually dissolves the deposits. To do this, fill a plastic bag with , then fit the bag over the shower head so that the nozzles are completely submerged. Secure the bag with a zip tie or binder clip, leaving it in place for several hours or overnight. Remember to run the shower for a minute before jumping in to bathe—you don’t want to end up smelling like salad dressing, do you?

  • Dismantle and clean the showerhead. If there are still mineral deposits, you can scrub the showerhead with an old toothbrush and vinegar to loosen debris. Use a toothpick or safety pin to poke out additional deposits. Then soak the parts in vinegar overnight to dissolve any remaining deposits. Rinse again.

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