The 8" "Legacy" Rain Shower Head

A goose neck extension is the easiest way to raise a shower head.

Swan Shower Extension SCL5F10I-C Shower Extension Unit

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  • Extend the reach and height of your shower while adding a natural, rain-like sensation with the Lambert Rainfall Nozzle Shower Head. An offset S-type shower arm with a 90-degree ball elbow lifts this shower head nearly 12 inches and adds ...

    The relaxing Bostonian Rainfall Shower Head features a flat spray face with numerous pinpoints for a full-coverage, soothing spray. A 90-degree ball elbow adds a flourish and connects it gracefully to a horizontal wall arm. Ships in 1 - 2 ...

  • Question: Will the extended arms and a rain shower head cause any problems on the threads where it meets the plumbing? Will it be too heavy? I saw a wall mount (wire) that gives an extra support on for the weight on Amazon but no one ever says anything about it.

    For the home that was built in decades past, the standard shower height for a tub/shower is 72”. If the users of the shower are not tall, this height may be perfect. But for the taller users, a 72” shower head is not ideal, because the user must crouch to get clean as the shower head itself ends up even lower than that. Raising the shower head and installing new tub/shower fixtures is not the most basic of ; however, it is our hope that this tutorial will help you do it right, including solving some of the dilemmas you might run into when working with copper pipe and an older home.

    Traditional Rain Shower Heads:

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    If you will be raising your shower head, determine how much higher you want your shower head to be. This example will raise the shower head a full foot. Mark that spot on the vertical studs. Then cut a 2×4 to fit snugly between the two framing studs and screw or hammer it into place, with the center of the new 2×4 piece hitting at your mark.

Two High-Leverage Shower Knobs Raised Shower Head

At this point, you will have four measurements for pipes you need to cut: (1) the additional height needed for both the cold and hot water pipes, (2) the new vertical distance between the new mixing valve and the tub faucet, (3) the distance from the cold water pipe to the new mixing valve, and (4) the distance from the hot water pipe to the new mixing valve. At this point, you can also measure the distance from your new mixing valve placement to your new raised shower head position, or you can wait and do this later. Measure out one of these lengths on your copper pipe.