Ondine AI001CH InTouch Chrome Rainmaker Showerhead

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LORDEAR F01080CH 10 Inch Rejuvenator Rainforest Rainmaker Giant Shower Head 10 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Showerhead Polished Chrome

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  • The black and steel design is beautifully modern, along with the blue color pop from the warm LED display. As it’s SCAA-approved, you know the brewing temp hits hot, somewhere between 197 and 204 °F. You can brew large or small pots easily with a turn of the dial. An automatic presoak and even distribution of water from the Rainmaker shower head ensures a beautiful cup of coffee every time, while a microprocessor monitors time, temp, and volume to ensure precision throughout the cycle.

    Many a husband has tried to give his wife an “appliance” only to spend Christmas in the doghouse. The literal one. But, nobody is going to open up this OXO coffee maker and declare the holidays ruined. The On Barista Brain has a lot of fancy bells and percolators. It has a microprocessor-controlled brew cycle for a perfect carafe. It’s one of the Speciality Coffee Association Of America’s 10 certified home brewers (and those guys are snobs). And it features a Rainmaker Shower Head that saturates your grounds like they’re at a fair trade spa. The only thing better would be a live-in barista — but that gets awkward, fast.

  • The dual shower heads that are available now is ideal for people who want more from their shower. By having two individual shower heads installed, you have the option to enjoy the type of shower you want to experience. You can choose to have a handheld shower head along with a rainmaker shower head, a handheld and a standard shower head, a waterfall shower with a rainmaker, or any other type of shower head set. You have them work together at the same time so that you get an all over spray of water, even in low water pressure homes or make it so that with a simply flip of a switch you have one type of shower or the other. This means you can have the handheld shower for your little one and the all over shower for yourself and water coming at you from all directions at once. You get to decide.

    I am so very pleased with my Brass Rainmaker Showerhead. It is extremely functional. The spray is strong, it extends over the entire body. The product is attractive as well.......

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