Oxygenics Bodyspa Skincare Handheld Shower Head Chrome Kit

Oxygenics Skin Care Fixed Shower Head 1.5 GPM Chrome Part #: 567546

Oxygenics 27267 SkinCare 1-Spray Showerhead with Comfort Control, 2", Chrome

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  • This shower head is thus rather popular with home owners that are beset with problems of low water pressure. Its high-powered aeration ramps up the pressure so that even the low-flow versions allows you to enjoy luxurious and powerful showers. In case you think the pressure is too much, you can always adjust it and get a gentler stream. Depending on your mood and what you want from a shower, the Oxygenic Skincare gold Shower head cater to personal preference. It’s a shower head with a heart too.

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  • All the internal components of the Oxygenic Skincare gold Shower head are coated with an acetal resin—a Teflon -like material that resists clogging, even if the water is very hard. The shower head claims to use high-quality materials that make it durable and irresistible. These shower heads blend well with bathroom interiors and add a sense of elegance to even an ordinary bathroom.

    Body Spa Oxygenics Shower ETL 26781 with 60″ Hose can improve water pressure so that you will never have to worry about soaps or shampoos lingering on your skin after you turn off your shower. Now, is the perfect time to give the Oxygenics SkinCare shower head a try.

  • This environmentally friendly shower head is a good health advertisement. All the extra oxygen present in the water that cascades in gentle rain over you is absorbed by the skin and after a hot shower, good healthy blood flows to the organs. Increased energy levels, boost to body functions, wellbeing and good health are just some of the benefits that the Oxygenic Skincare gold Shower head confers. While the oxygen purifies the water, the shower revitalizes you and your skin.

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The Oxygenics SkinCare showerheads never clogs up or needs cleaning and is designed to work as well in 20 years as it does when new. The Oxygenics SkinCare showerheads are available in a chrome, chrome with gold trim, brushed nickel or gold finish.