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ETL 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower with 60" Hose

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  • The Oxygenics Body Spa Shower Head is one of the best and easiest upgrades you can make to your RV. We added our Body Spa after the cheap, factory-installed shower head clogged up after 4 months of use (CA hard water), and it’s worked great ever since!

    The Oxygenics Body Spa Shower Head is like no other shower fixture on the market. It will give you more pressure from your RV water supply while using less water.
    The self-pressurizing design combined with infused oxygen to increase spray velocity produces a sensational experience even with low RV water pressure. Enjoy an invigorating clean-rinsing shower - anytime, anyplace. It's designed to conserve 30-70% water and energy (heating water) of traditional shower fixtures. The flow control valve allows user to adjust to personal preference. You'll wonder how you ever traveled without one.

  • While attending the Tampa RV Show earlier this year, I purchased the Oxygenics BodySpa shower head at the recommendation of several other RVers. I had been complaining that the shower head that was in the RV when I purchased it wasn't doing the job. The pressure was too low and the water stream was iffy at best.

    The Oxygenics Body Spa showerheads never clogs up or needs cleaning and is designed to work as well in 20 years as it does when new. The Oxygenics Body Spa hand-held showerhead comes in chrome or brushed nickel finishes.

  • Using the same principle as a jet engine, the Oxygenics Body Spa showerhead continually draws in fresh oxygenated air through 16 intake ports and infuses it into the water, creating a powerful oxygenating spray of revitalizing oxygen enriched water. The moment you turn it on you realize this is like no other showerhead you've ever experienced. Oxygenics increases the water's oxygen content up to ten times, helping to enrich your shower water, and leaving your skin and hair cleaner than ever before.

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