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The Waterworks Opus Shower Head (Ceiling) is a simple yet sophisticated 7-7/8

OPUS Aroma Sense AS-9000 Aromatherapy Vitamin C Handheld Shower Head, Medium, Silver

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  • There’s something wonderful that happens when you experience a quality shower head. A semi-permanent smile plasters across the face as a steady stream of water massages the skin from head to toe. No part of the body is missed in this experience. This is just a small part of interacting with the AS-Opus shower head. The ultra-light delivery system offers other wonderful features like Aroma, chlorine removal, vitamin C, is water saving and offers negative ions. The slide show below share the various views of this unit from dismantle to fully boxed for delivery.

    My new AS-Opus shower head has 3000 laser-etched holes for the water to come out with a 50% increase in water pressure, yet it’s using less water than a traditional shower head. I’m saving water with a larger shower head, getting more water pressure, and there’s more!

  • From experience. The affordable luxury of the AS-Opus shower head is one that should be had by anyone who wishes to start or finish their day with quality. Having used a smaller shower head before transitioning to this one, there was a major difference in delivery and range. This was the first time my simple shower went from medium stream to stream dream in one simple installation. This stream spanned far and wide, making for an enjoyable water fall. The stream was steady and evenly distributed from the many micro holes that make up the face of the shower head delivery. The light aroma therapy heightens each shower time. Washing hair with the shower head post wash was as if I had used soft water and my ultra-soft hair took to styling with a new zest. Add this to your life by first visiting

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