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Cixi Qianyao multiple color led moving shower head

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  • I removed the shower head and soaked it in white vinegar for about 2 hours to loosen up the calcium build up. Scrubbed the calcium off using an old toothbrush and cleaned the holes using a paperclip. Then rinsed thoroughly. I then applied silicone grease (available at your hardware store in the plumbing section) on the metal ball surface that the head swivels on where ever I could reach with my finger and started swiveling the head. As the head swiveled more, I applied more silicone grease and eventually the head swiveled in every direction as if it was new.

    My current shower has a rain shower head in it and it higher than the usual 6' 8". I want to move the shower head to the normal height. I'm planning on ripping out the plastic surround case/unit and having it tiled (by a professional). They said I would need a plumber to move the shower head, as they don't do it. Their recommended plumber wanted to charge $450...so I thought I would see if I could give it a try.

  • Thanks! I just fixed a shower head in one of our bathrooms that was hard to adjust, meaning moving the shower head upward and downward to direct the flow of water.

    A shower head is a perforated nozzle that distributes water over a large solid angle into a tub or shower. Over time, your shower head may acquire a buildup of rust or minerals, which can cause the shower head to become stuck. Removing a shower head with rust or mineral build-up is often challenging. Try to loosen the shower head with a variety of tools, such as wrenches, pliers, mallets, and center punches. Apply heat to the stuck shower head to break the caked on rust and mineral build-up. Treat the stuck shower head with rust, calcium and lime remover, followed by two coats of a penetrating liquid, in an effort to loosen the connector or nut.

  • Showerheads often spray unevenly because their tiny holes have gotten plugged with mineral deposits. In order for water to flow freely, you need to remove these deposits. To do that, you may want to soak the showerhead in vinegar. And that may mean removing the showerhead from the shower arm.

I have been reading your blog, and enjoy the tips you present

I can’t figure out the right search terms to get google to give me anything useful for “moving shower head” to another wall. Can you help at least get me started?