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Strom Plumbing Deck Mounted Gooseneck Leg Tub with Shower Enclosure - Metal Shower Head

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Shower-Head /Handheld-Shower Combo

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  • Your decision should be mostly based on your budget and the look you are going after. On a sheer cost and performance basis the good plastic models come out on top. You can replace quite a few plastic showerheads before reaching the price of a good metal showerhead.

    is self powered by water and doesn’t need batteries to show off its cool LED feature! Not only do you get the benefit of having lights in your shower, the LED comes with a three year warranty, and a lifetime warranty for the rest of the parts. Upgrade your shower system with an easy to install shower head! Take advantage of the water saving technology of this shower head and save money while being eco-friendly. This shower head features a chrome plated finish, which looks very nice but doesn’t have the heavy weight that real metal shower heads do. This shower head also has luxurious features with five functions– saturating, massage, and bubbling spray, with combinations of saturating/massage spray and saturating/bubbling spray. This showerhead features a three way diverter mount and shower hose as well.

  • Hmmm, interesting question, we've always had really hard water, and always had that problem with mineral deposits as well. Personally, I prefer the metal shower heads and have never noticed a problem with corrosion when using them. On the other hand though, I've had many flimsy plastic shower heads fall apart from the pressure of the water.

    What is the current thinking on plastic vs metal showerheads? The plastic ones look cheap to me. The salesperson says that corrosion is a problem with metal showerheads. He also says that you can't get a fancy spray pattern with a metal showerhead.

  • Ashton says metal shower heads are thought to be more effective at reducing the buildup of so-called "bio-film." Also, she said people should run the water a couple of minutes before getting in, because some of the water washes out some of the bacteria. A low pressure spray is also a good idea, she said, because the bacteria won't be sprayed all over the shower. Bleach may not completely eradicate the bacteria, she said, and water that's too hot may pose a scalding risk.

Metal Raincan, Overhead Shower Head Model#: 52689

Hansgrohe notes that virtually all shower heads contain plastic parts, so attempting to avoid them entirely isn't a good solution. Higher-end Hansgrohe models might contain metal casings, but between silicone nozzles and ABS body parts, "the water contact, 95 percent of the time, is against plastic," Christensen says. Kohler's Mirjam Luppuner Konsek adds that older pre-plastic shower heads tend to clog up with calcified deposits, and that all-metal shower heads are "extremely heavy and expensive, and would not enhance the flow experience."