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B25 Super Max Low Flow Shower Head

Niagara Conservation N2615CH Tri-Max 3 Flow Rate High Efficiency Showerhead

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  • Delta, Chrome, 1.5 GPM Maximum Flow Shower Head, Operates On 1.5 Gallons Per Minute, 40% Water Savings Versus Standard Shower Heads, 4 Large Spray Jets Provide Full-Body Coverage. Stylish On The Outside - Revolutionary Technology On The Inside, Shower Head Technology: Increases The Water's Velocity To Enhance Spray Performance And Maintain Temperature, Maximizes Performance At Lower Water Pressures And Precisely Angles Spray For Full Body Coverage.

    The Niagara Earth showerhead has 3 spray settings. Even though I know the Niagara Earth has a lower water flow than our evolve 5 Spray Pattern Maximum Flow Showerhead. I honestly don’t see a performance difference. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention. My experience so far has me wondering what all the low flow showerhead uproar is about.

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