Led Light up shower heads could be divided into two categories:

Rainbow Color LED Light Shower Head

DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head by Top Brand Manufacturer! Color of LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature

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  • There are a variety of color choices for you to choose from when going LED in the shower. Some light up shower heads give you the option to have the colors fade in and out while others allow you to choose a single color for your showering experience. Due to the simple fact that only water activated LED lights are used, you will not have to worry about it raising your power bill or having any negative effect on your shower.

    Along with the , light up shower heads are all the rage. Imagine yourself taking a shower with a rainbow of colors flowing over you. Do you think that your kids would be happier when it comes bath time or would you feel safer knowing that they had lights to show them water temperatures before they get burned? Perhaps it will be an exciting way to entertain your guests. Regardless of what reason you have for wanting one of these , there are a lot of choices when it comes to the best LED light up shower heads. .

  • LED Light rain showerheads offers Private Wellness line of multi-functional rain showers. Featuring a hydro massage system and fixed or changing chromatherapy lights, the square shower heads come in three different sizes including 80x80cm, 50x50cm and 35x35cm. You can choose how the water falls – do you crave the drenching power of a waterfall or the lightness of a summer shower? The spray selections include rainfall, water blades and atomisation. The showerheads can be combined with wall-mounted spouts and adjustable wall-mounted mini showers to create your ideal environment. Gorgeous and good for you – the luxury shower line from Sanliv will leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed.

    The advantages of an light up shower head are determined by the person using it. They are simply a fun way to add something new to your morning routine. It may encourage children who hate showers to get into the shower more often. It may create an even more relaxing shower experience for you and your partner. Whatever the reason for giving it a try, you will find a reason to fall in love with your shower all over again.

    Dimensions 2.3 in. H x 3.2 in. W x 8.5 in. L
    Warranty 30 Days Distributor
    Model Number Rainbow color LED light Shower head
    Country of Origin China

  • PictureNameTypePriceRating
    Ana Bath 4" 5 Function LED Handheld and Showerhead Combo
    Single Color - Blue$4.0
    LightInTheBox 8" Temperature Sensitive Rainfall LED Shower Head
    Temperature Sensitive$3.3

    VDOMUS LED Color Changing Bar Light Handheld Shower Head
    Rainbow Color Cycle$4.8

    10" Rainfall 7 Color Changing LED Shower HeadRainbow Color Cycle$4.1

    Handheld 7 color LED shower headRainbow Color Cycle$3.2
    MagicShowerhead 7 LED Color Fading Shower HeadRainbow Color Cycle$3.8
    LED Color Changing ShowerheadRainbow Color Cycle$4.1

    The disadvantage of having a led shower head is the lack of built quality of these products. They are not bad but you would rarely find any light-up shower head in the market. One reason might be that most of these shower heads are assembled by not-so-established shower head brands. As of 2016, there is not a single big shower head brand that manufactures led or light up shower heads.

Handle LED Light Up Shower Head | Eternity LED

It will also be easier to install the head since the LED lighted shower head is designed in models that would matches up to nearly all of the shower tubes. Actually, while you are fitting it, twisting it a little bit in is all that you need to do as well as there is no tools are necessary during setting up. You should also be sure the showerhead’s glaze never wears off since it is manufactured with chrome coated ABS.