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Kohler Flipside Shower Head

KOHLER K-15996-CP Flipside 01 Showerhead, Polished Chrome

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  • This is one of the more ingenious home improvement ideas that we’ve come across so far – the Kohler Flipside Showerhead. It offers unprecedented value for money, considering your $105 is stretched to bring you four showers in one. This handheld sprayer will come in a chrome-like finish, featuring a flippable inner sprayhead that offers the following shower experiences — a relaxing dense downpour, a focused, invigorating spray, a drenching, circular-pattern spray, or a standard, traditional shower. Perfect to suit a multiple-personality person in your home or at least four heads living under the same roof.

    The primary feature we saw with the Kohler flipside showerhead was its overall design. Many of the showerheads that you’ll see utilize changes in waterflow to create different spray patterns. With this Kohler unit, there are different spray faces that are dedicated to the different spray types! This lets you fully customize the showering experience and not have to worry about going from a gentle flood to stinging needles on the wrong setting!

  • You can now get four different types of shower experience, all using the same showerhead, with the Kohler Flipside Showerhead. It features a chrome-like finish and flippable inner sprayhead that gives a dense downpour, focused spray, drenching circular pattern spray or traditional shower. Just don’t let the old lady spend too much time with this thing, or else you might very well be replaced! .

    Last week one of our most important items in the house ceased to exist. Every girl knows that a good shower head really is on the list of “things” that must be working properly. Ordinarily, I would spend an hour at the store having a hard time deciding which to pick, but not this time. I never had a chance. Cowboy obviously has been watching one too many TV commercials because he drove to town faster than a speeding jackrabbit and purchased a Kohler Flipside shower head for our shower. Actually, he jumped at chance to purchase the Flipside. I do not know how many times he had seen the commercial, but the man evidently had to have it. I have to admit- it was a great choice. It acts like a rain shower in the normal position, but has three other fun settings. I am not an expert on shower heads, but am impressed with this one. It certainly beats our old one. Who knew cowboy would be so excited over a new shower head?

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