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Delta Faucet 52652-PK Universal Showering Components, 2-Setting Showerhead, Chrome

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  • Everyone isn't using one! Yes, a TERRIBLE shower head! No, not the incredible shower head, I'm talking about the one that is used BEFORE the incredible shower head is installed. Let me explain.

    Some people love baths some people love showers. We tend to take more showers than baths and love relaxing in the hot jets of spraying water. That being said, there are ways of making your shower even more relaxing, with incredible shower heads.

  • Massimiliano Settimelli designed this incredible shower head for the new Webert line, Comfort. And he weren’;t kidding about – what a design and style! Multifunctional settings allow a stream, a rainshower — or both. The fixture is lightweight and aerodynamic and produced of stainless steel. Just envision stepping into this oasis right after a challenging day of work. The stream mimics a natural waterfall and you can emphasize this function even a lot more by selecting river rocks for your shower wall (or floor). Add a handful of Boston ferns (they really like the moisture), some music without having words and some fluffy white towels. The stream cascading down will transport you to an additional planet. The soft rain will hold you in that unique spot. Who requirements a $500 a day spa when you’;ve got 1 at residence?

    This incredible shower head features the same all-brass internal construction of the Supreme in an even heavier body. Each shower head contains more than 1 pound of solid cast brass and provide the same high pressure as the Supreme. The Moda, the Supreme (above) and Forza (below) provide the highest pressure we've ever found. Its full-face spray pattern ensures even coverage. Soft rubber nozzles provide for easy cleaning in hard water environments.

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