Boost low flow to get glorious spa-like showers..

The High Sierra low flow shower head is one of the best water saving showers on the market

Aqua Elegante 6 Function Luxury Shower Head - Best High Pressure, Wall Mount, Adjustable Showerhead - Chrome

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  • They also love the fact this low flow shower head has actually 1.5 GMP but the water pressure is very high and they were really satisfied with the feeling of a strong spray.

    The high flow shower heads is placed in lower price range and because of affordable price it is available to anyone who would like to replace their .

  • My mom has very thick hair and typical low flow shower heads take a very long time to rinse her hair. I decided that I would look online for some high flow shower heads and can't seem to find anything with a flow of more than 2.5GPM.

    Because of the unique spray pattern this low flow shower head delivers even stronger pressure than some 2.5 GMP models. The spray is actually really strong because the flow is being concentrated and that delivers a unique spray which is really strong.

    PictureReviewNumber of spray patternsFinishPrice 
    Speakman S-2252 High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head 3 (Intense, Rain, Flood) Polished Chrome $$$
    Speakman S-2005-HB High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head 3 (Intense, Massage, Combination) Polished Chrome $$
    High Sierra High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head 1 Chrome $$
    Vida Alegría Spashower High Pressure Shower Head 5 (Drenching Rain, Gentle Rinse, Full Rotating Massage, Two Mix Modes, plus Drizzle Mode) Chrome Polished Nickel $
    Delta 75152 Water-Amplifying Showerhead 4 (Full Body, Full Body with Massage, Fast Massagen Pause Setting) Chrome $

  • ImageNameRatingPrice
    Speakman S-2252 Anystream High Pressure Shower Head4.8$
    High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head4.9$
    Vida Alegría Spashower High Pressure Shower Head4.9$
    Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Shower Head4.6$
    Delta Adjustable Water-Amplifying® showerhead 4.6$

    After reading reviews and writing about Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream I can see this shower heads that increase water pressure have really a lot to offer and for such great price which is available to everyone! Because this high flow showerhead has so many great things to offer I would recommend the purchase to everyone who would like to get a really high quality and good looking shower heads that increase water pressure for a great price. if you would like to have your water pressure at higher level this shower head to increase water pressure is made for you.

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This high flow shower head GPM is 2.0 and 2.5. Because of the anystream technology this high pressure showerhead is able to rotate 360 degrees and that means this high pressure showerhead offers a complete versatility to the user.