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Aqua Elegante 4 Inch High Flow Shower Head - Great Water Pressure In Wall Mount Showerhead - Chrome

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  • Looking for ? Wait no more with this list of shower head reviews! Well give you the full rundown of the top shower heads available on the market in 2016. After all, you can skimp in a lot of places, but you should never skimp on your shower. Life’s too short to live with low water pressure! Check out this list of ten great shower heads and make an informed decision on your next purchase.

    Hansgrohe are great shower heads , I have included the link for one of them , the axor Carlton 10 inch, on amazon for $299.99 .They have the raindance 10 inch one too for $263.96 . See which one you like best . Good luck

  • High Pressure Shower Heads - Enjoy your Showers Again!

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    Dissatisfied with your current shower head and lousy pressure? Then you're at the right place! Twelve years ago we began the search for the the best high pressure shower heads on the market, testing dozens of shower heads from many manufacturers. Our testing focused on one attribute: High Pressure. So what makes a great high pressure shower head? Not a high price. Not a "status" name. Definitely not whooshing air or some "new technological breakthrough". What matters is excellent stream control, the right number of streams, and an internal design which minimizes blockages. The bad news is that you can't determine these without testing. The good news is that we've done the testing and found the best! Great shower heads become harder to find each year, but they are still available!

    Our shower heads can be found in many exclusive spas, exotic resorts, boutique hotels, and in the locker rooms of many professional sports teams and top athletic clubs. Get yours today!


The Delta In2ition 58480 is the best showerhead for most people