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DreamSpa 9-Inch Rainfall Shower Head / Handheld Combo with Multi-setting Push Button Flow Control, Chrome

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  • And there, Sylvia opened her eyes, seeing her own, familiar, maturing face in the foggy mirror. , she thought, setting the Dream Spa Handheld Shower Head back on its low-reach mounting bracket.

    Twenty years ago the idea of “Cuban jazz on the radio” would have been the punch line to an ironic joke over a 4 AM taco. Today, of course, she found it soothing and it went well with the rhythm of the Dream Spa Handheld Shower Head’s spray. The bathroom window was open and Sylvia could hear the traffic from the street and with the jazz and the five different spray settings… well, it was hard to describe exactly how she felt about things, but if she was forced, she would call it very… connected?

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