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Delta Faucet 75584D Universal Showering Components, In2ition Two-In-One Shower, Chrome

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  • Delta calls their new shower technology from their Delta shower heads H2Okinetic that provides the feeling of more water by pulsating the water in various directions. Inside the shower head chambers make the water oscillate as it comes out to create larger droplets that help to retain the heat of the water as well as spread those larger droplets out to make it feel like you’re getting more water.

    The Contemporary In2ition shower comes with in a Chrome, Champagne Bronze, Venetian Bronze and Stainless finish so you have a good choice to match the design of your bathroom. The hose is a steel covering and the finish on the shower head is all metal and resists corrosion as well as spots well for an easy to clean and nice Delta shower head.

  • I really enjoy the Contemporary design of the In2ition Delta shower head and have enjoyed using it with the larger spray area and seemingly more water to my shower while still using the same amount. The Delta Contemporary In2ition will cost about $150 with other models costing about the same or slightly less and can be found at many home improvement stores or Sears.

    A few times some water went out of the shower when using the Delta shower head but a simple check when entering the shower and tub to make sure my curtain is stretched to cover the corners is all that is needed. The wider spray really makes for an enjoyable shower especially on the current cold days when a hot shower is much more relaxing and enjoyable.

  • Delta also prides themselves for keeping water conservation in mind when designing their products. Installing a Delta Shower Head is an easy way to do your part when it comes to conservation. Homeowners everywhere can trust that Delta produces innovative, quality products that last and impress for years to come.

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The different models of Delta shower heads have various features, but the same ideas for repairing apply in most cases. The debris screen on the head acts as a filter for solid particles, and a buildup of the particles hampers the flow of water. Use an old toothbrush and running water if rinsing alone is not effective.