Delta In2ition shower heads ROCK

Delta In2ition Shower Head & Hand Held Shower

Delta Faucet 75584D Universal Showering Components, In2ition Two-In-One Shower, Chrome

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  • One of the final considerations was that the new shower head had to be inexpensive. The biggest concern was that we were not going to find one with all of the features we wanted at a price we could afford. That was why we were surprised to find the Delta In2ition shower head.

    It does work well and I do get the feeling of a larger area being covered by a shower head no larger than previous showerheads I have used. The Delta In2ition showerhead works well and is easy to install with a simple wrench and the included parts with washers for sealing against the shower arm pipe.

  • Friends, today I’m sharing a story featuring a bathroom improvement Delta In2ition Showerhead, with H2Okinetic® Technology!

    The Delta In2ition shower head is a two-­in-­one system that features a shower head and handheld shower in one, combining the soothing comfort of a shower head with the convenience of a handheld. The handheld shower is also perfect for washing your children's hair while they're taking a bath or for bathing your pet. This detachable handheld can run separately or simultaneously from the base of the shower head, giving you the warmth and cleaning power of two streams of water at once.

  • And the water savings are impressive as well. Somehow Delta has figured out how to provide great water pressure without draining our hot water heater. The Delta In2ition showerhead is supposed to give you a different shower experience while saving enough water to earn the – using less than 2.0 gallons of water per minute (gpm:) Instead of using less water, it feels like I’m taking a shower with more water!

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In either case you’ll be pleased with the Delta In2ition shower head. Here’s the link to the Delta website if you’d like to see all the different models