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LED color changing shower head with HOT, WARM, COLD water detection colors

Bathroom Showerheads AnGeer LED Multicolor 7 Colors Water Glow light Shower head

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  • Beware the strobe light affect. Some color changing shower heads offer options to switch the color of the LED automatically. Some do a strobe like pattern that people find annoying and off-putting.

    Be Sure To Read Reviews. Understand that color changing shower heads are relatively new and novel. There has not been that much time to establish standards for quality in the industry. As most recognizable names in shower heads do not produce color changing shower heads, you will have to go to lesser known distributors. This is where reading reviews come in handy. Make sure you look through customer reviews with a specific eye on LED longevity. While some last for years, other models will last for only a few days, months, or weeks before breaking.

  • The leading reason why you should have a color changing shower head is the aesthetic. Functionally, it adds very little. Aesthetically however, it is . Even if the shower room is dark, the shower head will illuminate the stream of water into one of many different colors. Many color changing shower heads come with a range of colors built in, allowing you to either select, or even have the color change over time and on a timer.

    Color changing shower heads come in a vast assortment of styles that are efficient and easy to install. Upgrade the appearance of your bathroom with an LED showerhead and make your day more colorful and refreshing.

  • There are all kinds of color changing LED shower heads on the market. Some of them are extremely expensive, others are incredibly cheap. Ideally, you should find a middle option since every lighting system powered by water pressure might eventually stop functioning. So you will want to be happy with how much you pay and, ideally, seek for products that come with any type of warranty. Oh, and, always look at what’s in the package, because if you are getting just a shower head, you might end up paying extra for extra parts, to make it suit your bathroom.

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