Modern Living Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead

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H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Polished Chrome

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  • By now, you have probably seen speakers that can be safely mounted in showers, but you have never seen one like this before! This Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead is more than just a simple unitasker to hang in your shower and take up space.

    Now there is a simpler way to listen to your mobile music collection without the need to take your mobile device into the shower. Kohler has created a Bluetooth waterproof speaker showerhead that when wirelessly connect to your mobile device allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes.

  • This Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead works as a functional showerhead and combines music and water both in perfect harmony. Stand beneath the showerhead and feel yourself getting cleaner by the minute with every note!

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