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Kohler, the bathroom company, introduces their Bluetooth Shower Head with Removable Moxie Speaker. Plays both in and out of the shower.

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Polished Chrome

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  • There is a huge & growing demand in this space and few of the manufacturer are working continuously to make sure they provide consumers with best possible experience with Bluetooth enabled shower heads.

    There is perhaps no better way to relax than to have a long, warm shower to calm the nerves and rejuvenate the skin. While the concept of taking a shower is fairly simple, technology made it so that we can nowadays incorporate high-tech systems into our showering routine. Such is the case with Bluetooth wireless shower heads, devices that are capable of so much more than simply spraying water on you while you take a shower.

    KOHLER Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker
    Bluetooth Showerhead$$4.4

    Knox Showerhead & Bluetooth Wireless Music/Phone Speaker
    Bluetooth Showerhead$$4.7

    Facilla Modern 8" Rain Shower Head with Wireless Speaker
    Bluetooth Showerhead$N/A
    Bluetooth Wireless Music and Phone Shower Head SpeakerBluetooth Showerhead$N/A

    AquaAudio Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
    Bluetooth Speaker$4.1

  • ImageNameRatingPrice
    KOHLER Moxie Showerhead & Wireless Speaker4.6$
    H2oVibe Rain Showerhead with Bluetooth Speaker4.7$
    Facilla Modern Rain Shower Head Wireless Speaker 4.3$
    Bidet4me Msh-10 Musical Showerhead Waterproof Speaker4.7$
    iRainy Bluetooth Shower Speaker Head4.3$

    These devices can contain waterproof speakers that can play music straight from your laptop, tablet, mp3 player, AM/FM radio, or any other device with a Bluetooth connectivity. Over the next few minutes, we will try to find out what are the ten best Bluetooth wireless shower heads and what makes them so special in the first place.

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This rainfall pattern shower head ensures that you enjoy a very therapeutic shower. On its part, the Bluetooth speaker provides very high-quality sound. It is also capable of receiving signals within a radius of 40 feet, which is well beyond what most high-end Bluetooth shower heads can manage. The Bluetooth can also be used to take or reject calls, and a single charge can keep it playing music for 8 hours.