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HotelSpa Instant-Mount Drill-Free Height/Angle Adjustable 30-Setting SpiralFlo 3-Way Shower Head / Handheld Showerhead Slide Bar Combo

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  • Shower Rail or shower slide bar for shower head-B18.
    This adjustable shower sliding bar features handy adjustable side bar will make a great addition to your shower head.
    Height: 60cm.
    Finish: Chrome.
    Material: Stainless steel, or, brass optional.

    Slide-bar showerheads are growing in popularity because they can adjust to bathers of different heights, and also because the handheld sprayer can be lifted off the slide bar to wash kids' hair, shampoo the dog, and rinse down the tub walls. Slide-bar showerheads range in price from about $200 (though you can find them cheaper ) to over $800, depending on the manufacturer, finish, and features.

  • Adjustable Bars for Shower Heads: This is a big plus and usually used in family situations where different heights have to be considered.

    by replacing a standard fixed-head showerhead with a fully adjustable slide-bar showerhead. This cleverly designed fixture consists of a 24-inch-long vertical bar that mounts to the tub wall, and a handheld sprayer that connects to the water-supply pipe via a flexible steel hose. The sprayer clips onto an adjustable slide-lock fitting, which can be positioned anywhere along the bar.

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