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Are your showers kind of boring? Take them up a notch with aromatherapy shower heads!

Heaven Fresh Aroma Luxury Fixed Showerhead HF 501 with Vitamic C and Negative Ions

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  • Finally, “Aroma Vitamin C Gel” capsule filter of the Aroma Sense shower head range was invented for the first time in the world by original technology to solve all these problems. We have made it as aglobal product solving this problem all over the world.

    What is aroma therapy? It is a natural therapy. The goal of this therapy is to recover the balance of body and mind with scent and remedial effect of plants and to keep homeostasis. The therapy uses aroma essential oil extracted from herbs. The therapy is the origin of scent treatment which heals the body and mind. We developed the technology that turns Vitamin C and aroma into gel-type ingredients. We manufactured it as a filter made into a ‘capsule’ which is installed into the shower head. When you take a shower with an Aroma Sense shower head, water with certain amount of aroma and Vitamin C comes out of the shower head. This makes your exhausted body and mind relaxed so that you can enjoy ‘aroma therapy’ healing.

  • As you can see, this shower head is packed with benefits that can help you feel better both inside and out. No matter what kind of water you have, no matter how your water pressure is, or no matter how simple and plain your shower is, the Aroma Sense shower head can turn your experience into something relaxing and spa like.

    I take showers mostly, it’s easier, yet it’s not so relaxing. It’s a quick way to get clean, as a busy mom of two young ones. But – since encountering the Aroma Sense Shower Head, showers have transformed. They’re no longer boring – but an amazing spa-like experience in the courtesy of my own home. They’re still quick ways to get clean, yet I feel more refreshed because of the many features that come along with this unique shower head.

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  • Packaging Details: Aroma sense shower head Packing: 1 or 2pcs/ctn, corrugated carton, 5 layer, brown color; Inside protection: Non-woven bag, Foam; Unit volume: 0.13CBM; Loading quantity: 525pcs/40HC, 450pcs/40GP, 215pcs/20GP.
    Delivery Detail: 20-30days after receiving the Aroma sense shower head deposit

    What if your shower could be more than just a shower. What if it could be an experience? When you step into a shower with Aroma Sense – that’s exactly what you get! This product is a game changer. No longer will you shower just to get clean. It will be to indulge in a refreshing, energizing shower experience with a luxurious feeling. Every time you close your eyes while bathing with the Aroma Sense Shower Head – you feel like you’re on a tropical escape…at least that’s how I feel.

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Vitamin C equivalent to 3000 lemons. Aroma Sense biologically condenses natural scents extracted from leaves, stems and vitamin C obtained from lemons. These extracts are then stored in a capsule and released during showers to help maintain your skin transparent, healthy and flexible. Aroma Sense can even help prevent atopic dermatitis, itch, eczema and asthma. Energy conservation with eco-friendly water-saving function, because the hole shape of the Aroma Sense shower head plate is triangular, water pressure is increased to about 1.5 times greater than what other shower heads can deliver. Aroma Sense showers produce 40km/h compared to other shower heads which offer only 25km/h (Patent No. 0562076).Water purifying system that eliminates residual chlorine as water passes through the shower head's filter, fine amounts of vitamin and aroma gel are released to eliminate 99.9% of various germs and residual chlorine found in tap water as well as remove any unpleasant odour. In fact, Aroma Sense generates 421,000 anion/cc (negative ions) - 100 times more than anion around a waterfall (Tested by Korea Far Infrared Association).