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Aquascape EcoHead showerhead from Waterpik gives you total-body coverage plus an invigorating, full-power spray with the push of 1 button.

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  • Personally when I am rating one showerhead over the other I have to admit one of my main concerns is the water feature. Or at least what the water is like coming out of the shower head. The Waterpik AquaScape Spa Shower Head has five, yes five settings. The five water settings are pulsating, drenching rain, rain, water saver, and center spray. Drenching rain is my favorite setting on the Waterpik AquaScape Spa Shower Head. For heavy hard hitting water that is very massaging I like the center spray. The Ondine Discover Fixed Shower Head has a whopping seven settings to upstage the Waterpik AquaScape. My favorite setting is full cone flood. You can’t ask for more water pressure from any shower head!

    A great shower head is one of those affordable luxuries that I believe no one should live with out. Both the Waterpik AquaScape Spa Shower Head and the Ondine Discover Fixed Shower Head have shown up at different times in my household. I grew up in a household where my father was obsessed with showerheads. I never got used to seeing a new showerhead appear every month or so as he thought he had come across the latest and the greatest or even something that reminded him of bygone times. Two of my favorite affordable shower heads are the Waterpik AquaScape Spa Shower Head and the Ondine Discover Fixed Shower Head. Each is different and offers up some of the latest in powerful oversized shower heads.

  • With an innovative oval design, the Waterpik AST-233CC AquaScape Showerhead offers 50 percent wider coverage than a standard shower head, thanks to its 60 individual, directed nozzles. The AquaScape lets you adjust the Powerspray and Total-Body Spray settings to your preference, and the head allows for both vertical or horizontal positioning giving you a custom shower experience. The showerhead features a bright chrome finish and easy-to-clean rubber nozzles. And thanks to OptiFLOW technology, you get up to 30 percent more spray force.

    Outside of its incredibly affordable price, the primary advantage users get with the Waterpik AquaScape showerhead is its innovative design that makes . Simply take off your current showerhead, screw on this showerhead, and you’re done. No assembly is required! In addition, you may find these advantages working for you as well:

  • Both the Ondine Discover Fixed Shower Head and the Waterpik AquaScape look great in the shower. Looks are very important to me and I would say to most American based on the number of shows on HGTV dedicated to great bathrooms. The Ondine Discover Fixed Shower Head comes in a satin nickel finish and costs only about $50, relatively inexpensive in the showerhead market. The Waterpik AquaScape measures in at a luxurious 8 inches in diameter and also comes in a satin nickel finish with chrome accents. It also has a great looking adjustable arm that is perfect for a shower that is meant for people of largely different heights. I have The Waterpik AquaScape showerhead in my master bath shower and it is perfect for my spouse and I. I can lower it ever morning easily and it stays in place. The Waterpik AquaScape costs about $90, which is a little pricier, but I personally found it to be one showerhead worth the money. It comes with a lifetime warranty and was a great investment.

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Installation of the Ondine Discover Fixed Shower Head and Waterpik AquaScape showerhead was very easy, so I guess it is a tie in that category. I simply followed the instructions on the package and had each of them installed in less than ten minutes. The Waterpik AquaScape showerhead does come with a few additional parts due to the additional moveable arm feature. While the Waterpik AquaScape showerhead is slightly more on the pricey side and has a few less water settings, I do think it is the better buy. You don’t have to invest in any additional hardware to adjust the height like you do with the Ondine Discover Fixed Shower Head.