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Antique Bell™ 10” Antique Bell Showerhead

Rozin Antique Brass Bathroom Shower Faucet Set 8 Inch Shower Head + Hand Spray

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  • Enjoy a FULL YEAR performance GUARANTEE on all our brass shower heads. Our tarnish-proof shower heads meet low-flow standards while providing a luxurious shower experience. Our brass shower heads feature a protective physical vapor deposition finish, where noted, that withstands corrosion and scratches. Shop shower heads with built-in protection to last a lifetime. Browse our lines of vintage sunflower showerheads, antique rainfall showerheads, convenient handheld showerheads and modern shower heads. Most shower head web orders over $125 ship FREE.

    Shop drip-free and tarnish-free porcelain showerheads that come in a variety of styles. Enjoy one FULL YEAR performance GUARANTEE on all our shower heads. Crafted from the finest materials our tarnish-proof shower heads meet low-flow standards while providing a top quality shower experience. Most showerhead web orders over $125 ship FREE. Browse antique showerheads, sunflower showerheads, vintage rainfall showerheads, handy handheld showerheads, modern shower heads and shower accessories.

  • As you can see in the photos below, the overall size and design of the two shower heads are very much alike. But there are a couple of very big differences: 1) The size of the nozzles of the antique shower head are significantly larger in diameter than those of the 2014, 1.75 gpm model, and 2) The 2014 shower head has 43 nozzles vs 75 nozzles for the 1920 model.

    Prior to 1993, there were no government restrictions as to how much water a shower head could flow, so performance was everything. The watering can design they used in the 1940's shower heads worked very well with flow rates well over 2.5 gpm, but when the same design is used to make a water-saving shower head in 2014, the smaller and fewer nozzles required for low flow result in a very weak and ineffective shower.

    For that reason, most people are very dissatisfied with the new ultra low flow shower heads, which are literally miniaturized copies of much higher flowing shower heads.

    The High Sierra Showerhead is truly the first and only modern shower head specifically designed to deliver a strong, effective shower from less than 2 gpm. The patented single nozzle design breaks up a low pressure stream of water into a full spray of large droplets. It is the size of the droplets that gives the spray its strength. The single nozzle design will never clog up from minerals in the water, unlike the new multi-nozzle low flow designs, which must be constantly cleaned.

    Only High Sierra Shower Heads can rightfully claim that its 1.5 gpm flow is pleasantly strong and, in many cases, works better than 2.5 gpm shower heads. When shopping for shower heads, beware of outdated technology!

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